Thursday, June 18, 2009

Days Off

Working in retail means that you are open all the time. Which means to me that someone needs to run the store all those times you are open. So you do not get Saturday, and Sunday off like a lot of working people. So today, Thursday, was my day off. And on my day off I was just trying to catch up with house work stuff, like trying to figure out where the laundry basket clothes started and if any of those around them where clean. I decided when in doubt assume they are all dirty. I had no big plans for the day, so, I mean I showered and put on decent clothes but that is where my getting ready stopped. I am here to warn you that never should answer the door when it is your day off and you have not put make-up on. Because, you never know who will be on the other side of that door. And today was the day when I completely disregard my advise and open that door anyways I found that it was not a small child selling cookies but it was someone I knew from high school. And it's not like I was in love with the person or anything, but I could have a least had make up and done my hair, you know. So note to self, I will alway put on make-up on my days off

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