Saturday, October 24, 2009

Loving... White Collar

I love TV shows, I usually get addicted to one and completely get submerged in the lives of the characters of the show.

Then I suck the next person I see right into my obsessiveness, but they usually don't care as much as I do and I try to make them by saying things like this, "Georgina totally has it out for everyone and the only person that sees this is Serena, and maybe Blair but she is trying to take over as Queen Bee of NYU."

Then after I have said these things, they still don't really care and walk away. But I know a good TV show when I see it and last night was the premiere of White Collar, and I loved it. It has a beautiful cast of people and you just wish that you could see Neal with his shirt off more often. But besides the beautiful people it was funny and it had a twist with an old girlfriend that I didn't see coming. This TV show is going to be big! So start watching now, so that you are not left out, and when I try to bring you into my obsessiveness you can be obsessed right along with me.

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