Thursday, April 21, 2011

Concret Jungle Where Dreams Are Made

I'm here!!! I landed at 5:22 a.m. (that would be 3:22 a.m. in Orem time). I crashed at my very generous friend's apartment for a few hours and then decided to get out there and see NY. So I first took the subway into Time's Square because it is always good to go there if you are feeling like a tourist. But as I go to pull out my camera I realized I never checked the batteries and my camera is dead. Oh, well right? We have all seen pictures of Time's Square before.

Then once I stop at the visitor's center to get a map of the subway I figure I will try to go to Ladies Home Journal, but I didn't think to write down the address all I remembered that it was close to Grand Central, so stopped by there and then decided to stop by Bryant Park because it is the cool place to eat lunch. So after those great adventures it was only about 2:00.

I didn't know where to go next so headed back up to a safe place of Time's Square again, and watched a movie (I know it is ridiculous but it is my break from school and I didn't feel as alone in an empty theater.)

After seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code. I did what I do best and shopped around the stores. Then after all that excitement I went back to my friends apartment.

Tomorrow I will have a plan or places to see and I will have pictures too.