Friday, January 1, 2010

A Different Happy New Year

So It has been 2010 for 2 hours and I am already seeing many different things about this year then last, which I am not sure is good or bad.

The first thing that was different in this new year is that we did not have a pinata at our party. This is because we don't have any little kids any more to break it, and each year we usually just let Lauren, who should have become a professional pinata breaker, break it to pieces.

The other differences are that my best friend has a little baby girl, she is three weeks old. This is new and different. And then my other best friend is serving a mission for the LDS church in Minnesota which she is different for her.

Then I looked at my differences and there are none in my life. I still work at the Gap and go to school at BYU. I don't have a new baby (well none that I know of) and I am currently not serving a mission. So this year I have decided, not as a resolution because I read somewhere that New Year's resolutions last about 6 weeks before people quit them, that I will make some different in my life. I am not sure what my different will be but I will let you know as soon as I decided.

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