Monday, February 28, 2011

NYC Here I Come!

Internship: Check, Plane ticket: Check, Apartment: Check. After hours, days, and a month of searching. I have finally found a place to live in NYC!

Here are all the details about it: it's a two bedroom, (with 3 beds, so none of us have to sleep on the couch) and two bathroom (this is almost too great, because I hate sharing!), apartment on the fifth floor of this cute complex in Greenwich Village.

I love the ivy on the building!

Here is the shared bedroom, I am planning on taking the Master bedroom because I did all the work to find this wonderful place.


This is the corner kitchen (which might be small to some but fine with me because I don't cook very often) that is attached to the living room below.
Living room with a pull out couch bed.

Another great thing about this apartment is that is about two blocks away from Magnolia Bakery! So I plan on devouring their cupcakes just like Carrie and Miranda.


Alex Russell said...

umm.. I am so jealous right now! I dream about New York every single night. What a dream come true!!! Is that apartment for real? Lucky Rach.. I'm coming to visit!

stacey said...

Just so you know, you will be sharing that bed with me when I come to New York. Don't get too comfy.

Tiffany said...

Lucky me... there's a pull out couch bed. See you in May. ;)

Rachel Campbell said...

Everyone come and visit and I'll reserve the pull out couch bed for you!