Sunday, March 14, 2010

clean teeth on the go

I have been seeing this things at the store for a while now and couldn't resist trying them. They are called Wisp, by Colgate.

They are suppose to be like mini toothbrushes but without the toothpaste and the water, so when you brush there is this liquid filled ball that releases a nice minty freshness into your mouth. This looked amazing to me because I have been wanting something like this since the Brush-Ups are no longer available. (remember their great commercials it made me want to ride a subway at that moment while I was brushing my teeth with a Brush-Ups)

So I bought a little pack of the wintergreen wisps for only $1.99 at Target and loved them. They do exactly what they said they would they removed the food from my teeth and made my breath fresh without the use of water. I also love that they are small enough to carry in my purse and it is great when I eat out and have to be back to work and just need a cleaner mouth to talk to all my customers. Because who wants to buy jeans from a girl who's breath smells like garlic? (not me, that is for sure). But with the Wisps I will never have to have bad breath again!

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