Tuesday, March 9, 2010

shoes under... not what i saw on tv

At 2:50 am in the morning there is not much on to watch, but infomercials, which become mesmerizing. Once you watch one you can’t seem to stop watching. I get addicted to watching ladies with too much makeup and big hair trying to sell you stuff that you don’t need but some how you think you need after watching big haired lady talking about organizing your closet with this amazing product for only $9.99 for three months plus shipping and handing.

Well I bought one of those Seen-On-TV items that they sell at stores like the Seen-on-TV store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

(see it looks great! like it has sides that stand up and a bottom that doesn't flop)

I bought the Shoes Under item. It was going to be amazing because you could store 12 pairs of shoes in it and store it under your bed and it had a clear plastic top so you can see the shoes. So as I buy it at Bed, Beth and Beyond I open up the box which is small and realize this might not be as great as the lady with a lot of eyeliner said so. Because it has no bottom that keeps it flat and the clear plastic top is for the whole thing and not the just on one side.

(See not so great as it was in the picture or on TV)

So that got me thinking do I really like this? Is this worth the $9.99? Well I haven’t quite decided. I like that it holds all me shoes underneath my bed. But there is no support system for the bottom of it so if you take out a pair of shoes and then maybe another then try to push it back under your bed it goes all scrunchy and doesn’t move under. So I am clearly not sure if I want to keep it or return it. Because what else is out there that can hold all my shoes under my bed?

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