Sunday, March 21, 2010

this is to change

it has been a weekend of change and sameness. In my life more things couldn't have been more different. I am going back to school full time, which means I am not going to be working full time. I don't have my great boss to support me in it but instead have a great old boss and friend that supports me in my decision. That is life but work has stayed the same. It was Gap's Friends and Family this weekend and people still came to buy a pocket tee and jeans for a discount. They have no idea the changes that are happening with the people that ring up there clothes, (which is a good thing, it means I am doing my job). I bought bagels in honor of Andrea who would always bring in bagels on Saturday morning of G&G. So it would feel the same to me but really me knowing there is a time of change coming and it might be big and I don't really know what will happen. I could go into this time scared, but I have decided that I will look towards the future with excitement of a new journey that lays ahead of me.

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