Friday, February 26, 2010

See It...The Young Victoria

It happens to be a Friday night which is Movie Night for me and one of my bestest friends, Stacey. Tonight was The Young Victoria. First of all I had to kind talk Stacey into this one because it wasn't playing at your usually movie theater and she had no idea what the movie was about I told her it is the one with Emily Blunt in it.

Well I just got back from it and we both LOVED it. It was amazing, after it was over I liked it so much I could have sat there and watched more for another three hours! It was great, amazing and every other synonym of those words. Emily Blunt was amazing but she usually always is, but her Prince, Rupert Friend was also amazing and I am now in love with him. Just look at that picture and tell me that you don't just fall in love with him too.

This movie was like Jane Austen but for royals, it was so great and I hope it wins at the Oscars, I will be hoping for it.

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