Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Unexpected

Ok I have now watch two episodes of Life Unexpected and the verdict is... that I like it and will continue watching it. It is old school WB, that is all about relationships and not about being a rich privileged teen like most of the shows on the CW now. It also probably feels WBish is because two of the four main characters have been on big WB shows, Dawson's Creek (Kerr Smith, the boyfriend to Lux's mom) and Roswell (Shiri Appleby, the mom to Lux). And Kristoffer Polaha (the dad to Lux) was actually on one episode of Roswell. But I just want to point out that was not was witty as Gilmore Girls and is doesn't have the corky characters that Gilmore Girls had, so in my opinion it is not like Gilmore Girls at all so let's not try to ruin the good name of Gilmore Girls. And comparing it to Juno, where did that come from? The only thing I can think of is that Juno has a mom adopting a baby, and in Life Unexpected, Lux (the main character) did not get adopted. But who ever did the marketing it worked because I liked both of those and I ended up watching the show and liking it. So I will watch it now every Monday.

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