Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reading... The 39 Clues book #7

This book is called The Viper's Nest and if you don't know about this series, let me tell you about it now: Rick Riordan (amazing author of the Percy Jackson books) started this series of books with the intention of ten books in the series but having ten different authors for each one.

The books are for a younger reader but I like the mystery of them and I love the concept of have a different author for each book. You can see how talented the author is by having to copy the tone of the book through all books.

I said that Riordan had the intention of only ten books because that is what he said when the series started but the books are called 39 clues and so far we only have 6 clues are we are on book #7. So either we are going to find a lot fast or there is going to be more books, which I would not mind.

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