Sunday, February 14, 2010

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Lighting Thief (the movie)

As my previous post says, I saw Percy Jackson. I have read all the Percy Jackson books and LOVED them, and LOVED the story behind them. Rick is my hero, he is an amazing person and his son Haley is also my demi-god hero. So back to the movie, I not the kind of person that hates all movies that are based on books. Because lets get real the 400 page book (where you have detail and get to know the characters) is probably going to beat out movie (expect in the case of Twilight). I liked the movie it was entertaining and kept to the story pretty well. Somethings were obviously cut out, so we didn't spend a week watching the movie.

The best part of the show was Grover, who is Percy's protector and a Satyr. My favorite line (not from him but because of his actions) was "why are you taking your pants off?" The actor is Brandon T. Jackson, and he was hysterical. He had great lines and was a great actor.

Ok now for my one complaint, is Annabeth. She is the heroine of the books and movie. And me being a woman and someone who likes to see strong female characters in the lead I put a lot of thought into what Annabeth was like and what she looked like. Well, Alexandra Daddario was not the person that I imagined, Annabeth to look like. I can't think of an actress right now who I would want to play Annabeth. But it is not a 23 year old that is suppose to be playing a 12 year old.

That is my only complaint so everyone should go see it because the story is amazing and I am hoping for a few more movies about Percy.

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